Say hello to my little friend!

As some might already know, I recently decided to enter the Fujifilm camp and purchase an X100T. Even after only a few days, I’m very happy with my decision!

I also have a Canon 6D with a few lenses (including the Canon 35mm f2 IS USM), I’ve found that 35mm has become my favourite focal length. The fact that the X100T comes with a fixed f2.0 35mm equivalent lens suits me quite well. It’s maybe not sharp right across the frame when shot wide open (how many lenses are?), but stop it down a bit to about f4 and any softness vanishes.

Because of the amount of both work-based and personal travel that I will be embarking on during this year, I’ll much prefer to take the X100T with me than my Canon 6D – especially when planes are involved because I’ll be travelling with only carry-on luggage. Will I be able to get every shot I want? Maybe not, but I’ll happily sacrifice a few missed shots for the benefit of the smaller size and lighter weight.

I’m able to fit a complete travel camera kit into a very small bag. In this case, it’s a Crumpler Haven insert (size small). Other than the camera, there are two spare batteries, a GoPro 4 Hero Silver, some spare GoPro batteries in a small Polaroid filter pouch, and a small Joby tripod (which works well for both the X100T and GoPro):


The X100T and GoPro fit quite well inside the Haven, with room to spare:


Here is the fully packed kit beside my custom WordPress Tumbuk2 backpack:


In the coming months, I look forward to putting my new camera through it’s paces and sharing some shots with you.