Oscar meets Pip

Today was pretty special. Not only did Oscar get his picture taken with Santa (yes, we’re one of those dog owners), but he also got to meet one of his sisters, Pip!

The last time we’d met any of Oscar’s siblings (of which he has 5 – one brother, and four sisters) was last year when we got his ears glued. We had a nice chat with Pip’s mom and dad, comparing horror stories and whatnot. Apparently Oscar isn’t the only Airedale who loves stealing tea towels! We found out they’re more similar than we’d thought. (For a long time, I’ve thought of Oscar as the crazy and not-quite-right brother of the litter. I mean, he still is, but he’s in good company.)

We all had a great time, and am quite looking forward to meeting up with them in the new year. Happily, they live fairly close by.

(Oscar is on the left, Pip is on the right)


Let’s play!

Oscar looks overjoyed, while Pip looks a bit unsure…