My first birthday!

Yesterday, Lorna and Sean threw a small party for my first birthday! I can’t believe I have been living with them for ten months!

When I first came home with them, I looked like this:


I think I’ve grown quite a bit because now I look like this:


This was the first party I attended, and I think it was a success! Lorna and Sean seemed very excited when they were getting everything ready. They told me we were going to have a Sesame Street theme. I’m not sure what “Sesame Street” is, but they seemed to be enjoying it. Here are the decorations:

And I got presents: a new ball, a yellow dinosaur named Dudley ,and some birthday cookies. I’m not sure why the dinosaur needs a name, that was Sean and Lorna’s doing. I just call him “large yellow, squishy thing that I chomp on and snuggle with”…


Apparently it is something of a tradition to wear a hat during a birthday party. At least, according to Lorna. She tried to put a hat on me, but I’m not sure it went according to her plan. I was more interested in the cookies on the table, and then I had to shred that stupid hat that she kept trying to put on my head. Silly human, hats are for you, not for dogs!





Lorna decided that maybe it was time for me to go back into my little home. But she gave me one of my birthday cookies. It smelled really good!


It smelled so good that I could barely control myself… GIVE ME THE COOKIE!


After all the excitement, I had a nice nap while Sean and Lorna had a bit of extra wine and scotch in order to recuperate from my party! 🙂 I can’t wait for my second birthday!

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  1. Our Mom and Dad better throw us a big party like you! Your big yellow squishy thing looks like a great thing to chomp on and we’re going to have to ask for those too! Happy birthday Oscar.

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